4EVA (2012)

4EVA is a collaboration with Pinar&Viola. The idea started after being commissioned by the Paradiso Phone Expo on creating a project around cellphones and the theme “Hey! How are you?” Thinking about how exaggeratedly perfect – surpassing stepfordian levels – are the virtual girlfriends and boyfriends one can usually find on the internet, we created a message service that delivers intimate pictures and texts from a perfect lover.

sexy ass eyes ♥ sexy ass legs ♥ sexy ass ass ♥ UR FUCKIN BEUTIFUL ! kissKISS

i just nEeda mAKe iTt cLeAr » U know l luv u ! kiSsYkiss buHbYe luvV

heyyy I miss you my softskin toy limitedediton :)

Besides helping with the concept and research, I was in charge of writing the copy, programming the message sending system and providing emotional support to all involved. The images, instead, were created by Pinar&Viola.

I wuld like 2 b a tear, born in ur eys, livin in ur cheeks n dieing on ur lips. XIoxOX

I have a long hair, a sexy lips, two long hands, two long legs, two beautiful eyes. n a small heart that contains a big love for u ♥

Unda da covers my legs touching your legs,feet on my feet,,my body on your body. <3

Initially thought to work as only SMSes in The Netherlands, we expanded the project to work also by e-mail.

4EVA was coded in PHP+MySQL, plus the front-end obviously in HTML/CSS/JS (Github link). The texts were created from a collage of love declarations around social media. The SMS sending bit was finished with the help of Jan van Bruggen.

Online at http://lovemessageservice.com.