Applied Works (2014-2015)

Starting january 2014 until july 2015 I worked for Applied Works, a british digital studio focused on UX design and data visualisation.

One of my first projects there was to program the new studio website. Working with Richard Males, we extended wordpress to allow for finer-grained control over the layout of each post.

We also created a system that would periodically harvest all the studio’s social media feeds, format and display them in an infinite scrollable and filterable interface.

Though essentially a portfolio website, we still tried to seize the opportunity to experiment with different techniques both in the front-end (e.g. imager.js, breakpoint beacons, proportional css boxes) and the back-end (e.g. a naïve baesian algorithm to try and categorise social media input).

Online at

Mazars Annual Report 2014

We were asked to create several data visualisations for french accountancy firm Mazars to show how they had grown and highlight particularly interesting points from their last 10 years.