BBC Happiest Place and BBC Dish Up (2015)

At Applied Works, we were regularly commissioned by the BBC to create small interactive activities. I was particularly involved with Where in Britain would you be happiest? and How can I fit cooking into my life?.

The BBC’s “Happiest Place Test” looked at how personality traits can affect suitability for living in different regions of Britain. Using data from a survey of 400,000 people Applied Works was asked to design a web-based application to help the public understand how they fit within the results. Myself, together with Dave Poulter and Richard Males, were tasked with translating the academic research into algorithms and building the application.

Dish-up instead was much more modest in its aims: help british families in eating home more often by suggesting dishes that could fit their specific requirements, like amount of people, time available and budget.

Both were fully responsive javascript-heavy web apps with similar interaction patterns. That similarity allowed us to build up and improve significantly between projects, tracking back on architectural errors and improving what already worked well.

Due to the regulation involving a public broadcasting company, it was both a good playground for exploring both vanilla javascript (since we were restricted in what libraries we could depend on) and accessibility.

The Happiest Place Test and The Dish-up Starter Kit are online at and