Inflected Objects (2015-2016)

Site for Inflected Objects, a series of exhibitions curated by Melanie Bühler, in collaboration with David Kulen and Nora Turato. Inflected Objects focusses on the distinct features of our present environment permeated by the logics of informational capital and ubiquitous connectivity.

The site needed to be a flexible recipient for different types of content (from written poetry to small digital works to exhibition documentation). It was also important that it added to and conversed with each exhibition’s topics: abstraction, circulation, performance and autonomy.

The creative process was a very lively and equal exchange, in search of interesting compromises between time, budget and provocative results.

Programmed with SASS and mostly vanilla Javascript, with a few tooling dependencies (e.g. gulp, browserify, node-sass). The only exception so far is Three.js for the documentation of the second exhibition. The back-end instead is a partially successful attempt at using dropbox as a CMS, done with ruby (Github link).

Online at