To Kiss the World Through a Veil of Lead (2017)

To kiss the world through a veil of lead was my graduation project at the Sandberg Institute and consisted of a series of 45 short stories, together with accompanying readings and algorithmically-generated sounds.

The project could be experienced in two different ways: as an installation at the Wait for Cue exhibition and as a website. It dealt with imagining experiences that lie at the limit or even beyond what humans can feel and understand.

In its installation form, the work was a completely dark and silent room (somehow an approximation to the idea of a non-space), inside which a different composition of words and synthesised sounds played every 15 minutes.

On the website, designed in collaboration with Filippo Taveri, the user could hear the same performances, read the texts at their own pace or download the ePub, PDF and audiobook formats.

The sounds were synthesised using the Web Audio API together with the MediaRecorder API and then processed and mixed with shell scripts and ffmpeg.

Online at Source code available on Github.